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X6 Tablet UltraBase arrives



Like many folks who go mobile, I rely on a docking station when I’m connected to my desk. I’ve purchased a docking station or port replicator for almost every notebook and Tablet PC I’ve ever owned to help with cable management, plugging in monitor cables, and the never-ending mess of USB cables. When I purchased the X60 Tablet PC, I knew a docking solution was coming soon. Lenovo’s brand for its’ X60 docking solution is the X6 Tablet UltraBase.

I must not have been paying attention to Dennis’ InkShow on the UltraBase for the X60 Tablet PC when he mentioned this, but when I opened my UltraBase this morning, I was surprised to find out that it did not come with an AC adapter. This is the first docking solution I have ever purchased that did not come with its own AC adapter, and I’m disappointed in Lenovo for not including one, especially at the $199 list price. Part of the reason of owning a docking solution is do away with plugging in cables when you come and go from your office. Now, I need to go spend $59 on an adapter that Lenovo should have included in the first place. 

AC adapter issues aside, I really like the UltraBase. It is light, and features a number of older ports that tailor to the corporate environment where legacy equipment is still used: a parallel port and a serial port – something you don’t see alot in equipment these days.

By the way, if you order an UltraBase for your X60 Tablet PC, be sure to order the X6 Tablet UltraBase and not the X6 UltraBase. They are the same price and look the same, but the X6 UltraBase will not connect to your Tablet PC. It only connects to X60 notebooks.

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