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X60 Thinkpad Tablet PC Delayed To End of the Year?



Word has been bouncing about that Lenovo would release its X60 Dual Core Thinkpad Tablet PC this summer, possibly July. A reader on jkOnTheRun, pointed jk to this post on the Wake Forest website that makes it look like it might be later in the year before we see the next version of Lenovo’s Thinkpad Tablet PC. Here’s a snippet:

Faculty members who choose the X60 Tablet PC will continue to use their current ThinkPad throughout the fall and exchange it for the Tablet in January, 2007. The new model Tablet will not be released by Lenovo until late 2006. We are choosing to wait for the newer model because the performance of the current model Tablet PC is not comparable to that of the T60. The new model will provide upgraded features that will better suit your needs.

Wonder how many other new Tablet PCs will be delayed until later in they year due to Vista delays?



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