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x61 Tablet PC Un-boxing Tonight



Today I received a special box from the DHL man – when I looked, what was it??  It was from Lenovo!  They sent me an x61 to play with for a little while.  So, what did I do?  Rip open the box and check it out? Well, that’s what I would normally do, but I wanted to share the experience with everybody. OK – not really – I was REALLY busy at work today, the only thing I did was open up the big box so I didn’t have to carry it home. 

Now to the real part of the story,  I normally would have had it opened by now, but I really did want to share it with everybody.  I can’t wait till tomorrow to give people more notice, sorry – you know how it is… new toy…maybe if this works well we can do it next time with more notice, but I will wait till 10:00 PM Eastern tonight.  Why am I telling you this? I am going to try something new and untested (at least for me) and put this up on UStream as I am opening up the boxes.  If anybody wants to see it, or ask some questions head on over to the broadcast at 10 Eastern and join in on the video!!

PS: After the Lenovo un-boxing, we can have an OQO Model 02 boxing ceremony – or maybe you can ask some questions before I box it up to send to Warner :)

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