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x61 Tablet PC XP Experiment Failed – back to Vista!



A while back, I took my new x61 back to Windows XP TPC 2005 to use as a full time computer on our work network.  The programs and the functionality I needed it to do, I thought it was necessary for me to do that.   Well, it turns out that I can have the functionality that I need on my desktop without the need for my Tablet PC to be running XP and on the network.  So, last night I did a full backup image of the drive (just in case :) ) and it was on to a fresh install of Vista!

One thing I have run into is that the System update from Lenovo doesn’t capture all the things that need to be installed on the computer…  I’ll post more on that later – there were just a few applications I thought it might catch that needed to be installed, but didn’t.

Back to Intel Turbo Memory!! I missed Vista!!  OK, now back to installing all my programs :)

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