Xbox 360 Black Friday Sales Now Live, Up to 75% Off on Games
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Xbox 360 Black Friday Sales Now Live, Up to 75% Off on Games



Microsoft has begun its Xbox Live sales for the Xbox 360 today and they will last until next week on December 2. All week long, you’ll be able to buy games from the Xbox Live Arcade, as well as Games on Demand, with one-day sales also happening on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

All week long, Microsoft is discounting games up to 75% off, with Wolfenstein 3D, The Cave, Deadblock and Motocross Madness all seeing the 75% discount. Other notable games include Skyrim (which is 50% off), Deadpool (40% off), Fallout 3 (50% off), Tomb Raider (50% off) and Metro Last Light, which is 50% off as well. Skyrim and Fallout 3 also have add-ons that are on sale too, with the Fallout 3 add-ons discounted by 66% off.


As for one-day sales on Black Friday, you’ll find the biggest discount being Onechanbara, which will be a whopping 80% off, and other games like Halo 4 Champions Bundle and Rayman Legends will be 50% off. Spider-Man and X-Men games will also see discounts of up to 67% off.

As for Cyber Monday on December 2, Microsoft plans to have a handful of great titles available at steep discounts, including Red Dead Redemption, The Witcher 2, Dark Souls and L.A. Noire for 75% off.

These sales come at a time when the Xbox One is now the flagship console and the Xbox 360 is the older model. Microsoft announced in the past that it would still be supporting the Xbox 360, and it seems these Black Friday sales are proof that the company wants to still focus on the older console. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard about any Xbox One sales from Microsoft, and we most likely won’t see any directly from the company this year. However, retailers will be selling Xbox One games at slightly-discounted prices on Black Friday, including Amazon, where you can get Xbox One launch titles for around $10 off each.


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