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Xbox Companion for Windows Phone and Xbox Dashboard Update [Video]



Yesterday, Microsoft released the Xbox Companion for Windows Phone. This app interfaces with you Xbox console. It allows you to control media, browse for videos and music and queue them up to the console. It also allows you to see what your kids are playing on the Xbox too. Maybe that’s not the main function, but after logging into your console with this app, the main screen shows what’s on the console. For instance, my son could be playing Madden 12 and on the main screen, I would see a Madden 12 box above the other games. You can see what I am talking about in the 1st screenshot below.

The Xbox Companion app is available for download in the Windows Phone Marketplace now.

Here are the main screens for the Xbox Companion.

If you drill down into a listed game, you can scroll right to left for more info including related games and achievements.

Here is a quick demo of the app after checking it out a few minutes. I can honestly say that it’s very cool, but I can’t really see myself using it. It just seems more trivial than functional.

Earlier this week there was a major change to the Xbox Dashboard. Now it look Windows Phone 7ish now. It follows along the “Metro UI” look somewhat. Since I had the camera out showing the Companion App, I decided to give a quick tour in case you haven’t had time to download it and check it out yourself.

I am very impressed with this new Dashboard. It’s fast, layed out well, and the Metro UI look is sexy.

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