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Xbox Elite Controller Stock Returns to Amazon & More



Xbox Elite Controller stock has returned, at least, that’s what some users are finding when they try to look  at the gaming accessory’s page this morning on online retailer Amazon. Some users are even seeing an immediate ship date for the controller.

The Xbox Elite Controller returned to Amazon yesterday. Microsoft first talked about the Xbox Elite Controller last year at its Xbox Media Briefing. The controller has removable paddles and switchable surfaces, all in the name of providing Xbox One owners the most precise experience possible. Microsoft expected the controller to sell modestly due to its $149 price. Instead, it’s been ridiculously hard to find.

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller (4)

Amazon has discounted the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller by $.99 cents. The retailer enough that its once again allowing users to order them. For months, the best that the site could do was offer up an email notification to alert users of when it had more of the controller to sell. The controller is shipped and sold by Amazon, though third-parties are offering the controller at a steep mark-up too.

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While Amazon is getting Xbox Elite Controller stock back, other retailers are still struggling through the shortages Microsoft caused by not producing enough of them. GameStop, the United States’ largest dedicated video games retailer, still doesn’t have Xbox Elite Controller stock on its website. The company is encouraging shoppers to check at the stores in their area. Gotta Be Mobile tried and failed to find any store with modest stock in a 21 mile radius. A few stores did show “Low Stock.” GameStop sold the controller with a bundled copy of Halo 5: Guardians for a while. That $209.98 bundle is out of stock online and in store.

Xbox Elite Controller stock seems to have recovered at Best Buy. The controller is available online for purchase and shipping or for pick-up in the chain’s retail stores. When Gotta Be Mobile tried finding the controller in a local store, several in the area came up.

xbox one elite wireless controller amazon

Finally, there’s Microsoft’s own retail store and website. The Microsoft Store shows no Xbox Elite Controller stock yet. Clearly, Microsoft is on the road to fixing its mistake, but not far enough on that path that the controller is readily available at the stores shoppers would expect it to be at.

Potential buyers should note that Microsoft also sells the Xbox Elite Controller in more than just a singular purchase. It’s also available with the $499 Xbox One Elite Bundle. That console includes a 1TB hybrid drive so that the console starts up faster than other Xbox consoles.

Besides interchangeable surfaces, the Xbox Elite Controller includes other extras that professional gamers and anyone who enjoys games on the regular can appreciate. Durability is key, a diamond-patterned grip covers the sides of the controller, making it easier to hold on to than the standard Xbox One Wireless Controller. Microsoft says that users can fire faster than anyone else because this controller has Hair Triggers. The set of four paddles on the back of the controller can be removed if they’re in the way.

Custom button mapping for Xbox and Windows PCs, that’s another stand-out feature of the Xbox Elite Controller. Using a console or an app from the Windows Store, players are able to change which buttons on their controller do what. A switch on the controller allows users to easily change between two different controller configurations stored in the devices memory.

A carry case, 4 removable paddles, 6 different thumb sticks, 2 directional pads and a braided MicroUSB cable are included with the Xbox Elite Controller. Also included is a controller carry case that’s not sold separately.

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1 Comment

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