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Xbox One Ad Campaign Officially Launches



We’re just under a month away from the Xbox One’s official launch on November 22, and Microsoft is now beginning its guerrilla marketing campaign in order to get the word out of the company’s new gaming console. Microsoft’s first advertisement for this Xbox One campaign is an “invitation” to play the Xbox One, with cameos from Spock and the huge giant robot thing from Titanfall.

The advertisement debuted online today (seen below) and similar TV advertisements will begin on Sunday during NFL games. Overall, this first advertisement focuses a lot on the gaming aspect of the new console, considering that Microsoft has put in a lot of effort in marketing the console as an entertainment device.

We see games like Titanfall, FIFA 14, Forza 5 and Ryse, as well as Dead Rising 3 (with a little bit of comic relief built into it). Microsoft still shows off non-gaming features, like Skype integration and voice commands, but it’s only shown for a very brief second.

This isn’t the first Xbox One commercial that we’ve seen, though. Microsoft sent out TV spots last month during Sunday NFL games, but this latest ad focuses on Microsoft’s efforts to incorporate the best gaming experience with the best entertainment experience in one package.

While Microsoft was the center of a lot of controversy when they first announced the Xbox One, the company has since bounced back and made its fans happy by overturning certain features of the new console, but Microsoft is still not allowing backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games or controllers, which is one of the biggest concerns for gamers who are thinking about getting an Xbox One, but that probably won’t stop a lot of these gamers from getting the new console.

Currently, Xbox One Day One Edition consoles are pretty much sold out everywhere. Best Buy and GameStop recently opened up pre-orders again, but they eventually were closed back up. You can still pre-order a standard edition of the console, but Day One Editions are practically sold out anywhere you go, but some retail locations will have extra units to play around with.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. lacerz

    10/25/2013 at 8:10 am

    I like the ad, but why does it only air in 720p?

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