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Xbox One Black Friday Deals Are Limited



The Xbox One release date arrives one week before Black Friday, which may lead some gamers to expect Xbox One game deals this month, but it looks like Microsoft is holding back the gates on any Xbox One Black Friday game deals.

The PS4 game deals are already here with several Buy Two Get One free offers from Amazon, Target and others, but the same discounts did not extend to the Xbox One.

Now that the Walmart Black Friday 2013 ad joins the Target and Best Buy Black Friday 2013 ads on the official websites it is looking more and more like retailers will not be offering Xbox One gamers the same deals.

Microsoft’s Xbox One is already $100 more expensive than the PS4, but with a strong upgrade base of gamers who already have Xbox Live friends lists built up over the last seven or eight years the Xbox One is a go to console even with a higher cost.

Xbox One Black Friday Deals: Games and Accessories

So far there is only one possible Xbox One Black Friday game deal at Toys R Us which is Buy One Get One 40% off all video games at Toys R Us. The good news is that the Toys R Us website now shows most of the Xbox One release day games as sold in stores. If the stock holds up, we could see some of these Xbox One games on sale on Black Friday, if shoppers are willing to wait in line for the 5PM Thanksgiving Day opening.  With this deal gamers could save about $24 on the purchase of two games.

Ps4 and Xbox One release release date games are Buy Two Get One Free at Target.

Xbox One games are not part of the Buy Two Get One Free at Target.

Target’s Buy Two Get One free game deal no longer appears to include Xbox One games, many which do not come out until next week.

We aren’t seeing any Xbox One game deals at Walmart, Best Buy or Target in the official ads which went live this week. Amazon also ran a sale on PS4 games today, but there is no word of an Xbox One games sale yet.

The same goes for Xbox One accessories at the above retailers and GameStop. The few stores which list controllers, charging packs or other items are not offering discounts. It doesn’t help that third-party Xbox One headsets which are traditionally a Black Friday staple are not coming out for the Xbox One until early 2014.

If we expected to see any Xbox One Black Friday game deals a leak, like the Toys R Us ad should have provided details already.

Xbox One Black Friday deals on the console won't be found.

Xbox One Black Friday deals on the console won’t be found.

The one hope for Xbox One Black Friday game deals is a flash sale. Best Buy and Amazon are best known for these limited time, limited quantity sales. If this happens, expect online deals that might shave $10 to $20 off of popular games, ones that release day buyers probably bought already.

If you are hoping for an Xbox One Black Friday deal on the console itself or on a bundle things don’t look good either. A leaked GameStop ad shows that the PS4 will be in stock in some quantities, but makes no promises about the Xbox One. The Walmart Black Friday 2013 ad shows the Xbox One console for $499 with limited stock. This is a good sign that Walmart will have some Xbox One Black Friday stock, but not as sure of a deal as their iPad mini.



  1. Kevin

    11/12/2013 at 6:21 pm

    Xbox One games ARE part of the Target deal. I just purchased three games with that deal online, though I had to call Target customer service to make them honor the deal.

  2. James

    11/12/2013 at 11:07 pm

    Yep, Every guy in the world loves Xbox one. They surely get one on Black Friday. I have just found one site listed good deals from Amazon. If you’re interested in these deals, you can visit to see.

  3. Jack

    11/15/2013 at 7:18 am

    Great deal for Black Friday, this year I will buy a TV, a Tablet and something

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