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Xbox One Dashboard Video Leak Shows Off New Interface



Microsoft began shipping its Xbox One consoles to retailers last week, so it would only be a matter of time before the new console showed up in the wild. As expected, a video from someone who has an Xbox One in their possession shows off the interface of the Xbox One’s dashboard with some of the bits that Microsoft didn’t show during their multiple unveiling events throughout the year.

The video is almost two and a half minutes long, and while it’s not the best quality, it’s the first time we’re seeing the console in the wild, as well as the first time we’re getting a mild in-depth glimpse of the Xbox One dashboard. It appears to be in beta right now, and it’s only available to Xbox employees internally, so we’re not sure if this guy is a rebel Microsoft employee or maybe a GameStop employee getting his own look at the console.

The user notes that the dashboard still has a lot of bugs, expectedly, but we should be seeing them getting squashed by the time that the console sees its official launch in late November. Other than the bugs, though, the interface looks to be about what we’ve expected, with the Metro-style tile interface and different pages that you can horizontally scroll through, like Games, Music, Movies & TV and more.

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The video also demonstrates the ability to start up a game from the home screen, and then go back to the home screen by pressing the Guide button on the controller. The game will still be able to play while you mess with other features of the console, but we’re not sure if every game will come with this feature. We’re guessing it could be good for games like require you to wait for other players to join a multiplayer game and such.

The dashboard looks pretty bland right now, with mostly just green tiles filling up the screen, but we’re guessing that once more content is available and Xbox One users fill up their console with their own downloaded content, the dashboard will begin to fill out and look a bit nicer to the eyes. Microsoft’s Metro tile layout relies on thumbnail images to provide that aesthetic look, so the brand-new dashboard look may not look entirely pleasing right at the start.

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