Xbox One Deal Includes Free Game
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Xbox One Deal Includes Free Game



Xbox One deals are becoming more commonplace as we approach the holiday shopping season. Just a few weeks after Microsoft itself revealed an offer that gave users one free game of their choice with the purchase of the console, Wal-Mart is offering an Xbox One deal of its very own.

Wal-Mart’s Xbox One deal is pretty straight forward. Users who purchase an Xbox One from the retailer’s website can choose a game to go with it at absolutely no extra cost. Effectively, Wal-Mart shoppers who take advantage of the deal are getting at least $60 in savings.

We say “at least” $60 in savings because, it all depends on what console users buy. This new Xbox One deal is available for both versions of the Xbox One. Xbox One Standard Edition buyers will get to choose between Destiny, Madden NFL 15, Titanfall, Watch Dogs, Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Battlefield 4, UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship, Call of Duty Ghosts, Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition, Wolfenstein: The New Order and Dead Rising 3. Users who purchase in-store won’t get the game outright, but a $60 Wal-Mart gift card they can use on the game of their choice.

Walmart Xbox One Deal

Shoppers who take advantage of the Wal-Mart Xbox One deal at $519 stand to save a bit more. That version of the console gets users their choice of one game out of a larger selection of games and a free copy of Forza 5. Forza 5 is the racing game that arrived with the Xbox One last year. Users who take advantage of this deal stand to save $100. This is the Xbox One bundle that includes a Kinect 2 sensor for playing games without a controller, controlling televisions and more. Buying a Kinect 2 sensor separately would cost $150. In addition to the games being offered with the first bundle FIFA 14, NBA 2k14, Just Dance 2014, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Madden NFL 25, Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Need for Speed: Rivals are available for buyers of this Xbox One bundle to pick up for free.

Users who take advantage of this Xbox One deal stand to save a bit more if they’re savvy enough. Unlike that free copy of Forza 5 that Microsoft includes with its Xbox One bundles, users who take advantage of this Xbox One deal get a free physical copy of the game. Users can resell the game to a friend or play it for a bit and then trade it in for credit towards another game they like more.

Right now, these two Xbox One deals are the best thing available. Presumably, each retailer has plans to make more deals available to users as we get closer to the holiday season, but for now they’re an easy way to get started with the Xbox One without having to spend a lot. Microsoft and some of its retail partners have been using free games as a way to lure users to the Xbox One for some time. In theory, it gives the Xbox One a leg up since Sony doesn’t yet make a free game available to buyers of its PS4 gaming console. That’s key since a Standard Edition Xbox One costs exactly the same amount as the PS4.

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Revealed last year, the Xbox One is Microsoft’s answer to just about every problem facing living room entertainment today. The console weaves together games, live television broadcasts and internet video services like Netflix into a cohesive experience. The Xbox One even includes a web browser that can play music and video even if a service isn’t available in its Xbox App Store.

Normally, the Xbox One only comes with a digital copy of Forza 5. Users who are planning to take advantage of this Xbox One deal should move quickly – Wal-Mart’s website doesn’t make the promotion’s end date clear at all. It could disappear at any moment.

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