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Xbox One Deals: $25 Off Xbox One, 5% Off Accessories, Halo for Xbox One



There are a lot of Xbox One deals available today including $25 off the Xbox One that is in stock with free shipping and a collection of Xbox One games and Xbox One accessories.

The biggest part of this Xbox One deals collection is the $25 off the Xbox One and the fact that it is in stock without the need to head to store after store looking for a console.

It’s been tough to find an Xbox One in stock for the past several months, but the Microsoft Store has the Xbox One in stock and several bundles in stock as well that can help gamers rack up even bigger discounts.

Xbox One Deals arrive with savings on accessories, the Xbox One and Halo for Xbox One.

Xbox One Deals arrive with savings on accessories, the Xbox One and Halo for Xbox One.

To get these Xbox One deals shoppers need to register for Microsoft Store Coupon texts for an in store or online 5% off coupon code. Now 5% off doesn’t seem like much, but can save gamers almost half the price of a new game when buying the Xbox One. at $500.

To get your personalized 5% off Microsoft Store Coupon send a text to 29502 with MSHS in the body. This may add the cost of a text message to your account. After you get the message with your coupon code reply with STOP to turn this off. Dealnews for shared this coupon code last week. Users that used a similar 5% off code may not be able to use this one again.

The coupon code does not work on everything in the Microsoft Store, so you won’t be able to buy Titanfall for a discount, but there is one game that you can save 5% on – Halo for Xbox One. This may not be the best deal available on the game, so users may want to skip the $3 discount on Halo for Xbox One and wait for collector editions or other special offers.

The new Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter and Xbox One Stereo Headset are 5% off with this offer. This is a small discount, but for gamers on a budget it is worth checking out. Make sure you factor in tax if you plan to buy these items from Microsoft.

Other Xbox One Accessory deals include the following discounts with your Microsoft Store Coupon:

  • Titanfall Ear Force Atlas Xbox One Headset
  • Nyko ChargeBase & Nyko Power Kit for Xbox One
  • Evolution Forza Motorsport Franchise Edition Racing Sear
  • Ear Force XO Seven Xbox One Gaming Headset
  • Xbox One Titanfall Controller
  • And others

Add one item to your cart and enter the coupon code, apply it and then click continue shopping to see the coupon code savings show up below items on page listings and on item pages.

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1 Comment

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    02/21/2014 at 12:59 am

    Elder Scrolls Online is leaked and available to public now… Grab yourself a copy now from this site because I’m pretty sure this website will be taken down very soon!

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