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Xbox One Exclusive Coming to Blitz Madden NFL’s Lead



Microsoft hasn’t yet revealed its complete games line-up for its Xbox One console in 2015, but it appears the company could add a new exclusive franchise to mix of reasons you should by an Xbox One instead of Sony’s PS4. Allegedly, there’s a Joe Montana-branded football game coming to Microsoft’s consoles.

The new bout in football-related rumors comes from a forum post on OperationsSports, a community forum that first hinted at a football game being developed by Microsoft to help it better compete with the PS4.

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In a rather lengthy post an anonymous community member lays out the information users need to know about what he or she calls Joe Montana NFL Football 16. Allegedly, Joe Montana Football 16 is in development now at Microsoft Studios, Microsoft’s internal development team. When it arrives it’ll be exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox One and anything running its Windows 10 operating system. Reportedly, Microsoft will use the Windows 10 release as an anchor for Joe Montana NFL Football 16 sometime in the “middle of this year.”

Graphics and second-screen experiences are deeply ingrained in these rumored plans for Joe Montana Football 16. The anonymous poster says that the game has very crisp animations and is “the most crisp of any sports game ever made.” He goes so far as to say that it’ll make Madden, the football game from Electronic Arts, “look like a PS1 [PlayStation 1] game by comparison.” The community member expects for users to be able to create their own players in a story mode that’s similar to what the NBA 2K series delivers today. Joe Montana Football 16 will have a companion app that allows users to control their player and franchise from their smartphone too, allegedly.

Rumors of a Joe Montana branded football game for Microsoft’s platforms first surfaced after the famed football player teased something involving motion capture last year. In that post Montana used the hashtag Montana16, a hint that the project he was working on would make its debut this year or next year.

We’ll have to wait for confirmation on whether all of this is true. For right now, there’s only conjecture and the tweet from Montana to go on. The community member who posted all of these details insists he did so because he wanted people to have enough time to save for an Xbox One or a new Windows 10 PC.

An exclusive football title like what’s described in this post would send shock waves through the gaming industry. To date, Sony has been pretty effective in luring baseball fans to its platform with MLB The Show, it’s exclusive major league baseball game. Joe Montana Football 16 would, theoretically, do the same for the Xbox One. What’s more, there seems to be a greater need for a new football franchise.

Electronic Arts’ Madden franchise has dominated football video games for years. Originally, it and 2K Games battled for the heart of sports gamers year after year with their own basketball and gaming franchises. EA was able to shut out 2K by making a deal with the National Football League directly. Meanwhile, 2K Games was able to relegate EA’s NBA Live series to second-class game franchise. Allegedly, Microsoft purchased technology from 2K Games to produce this Joe Montana Football 16 game.

What doesn’t make sense is the timing. The poster alleges that Joe Montana Football 16 will arrive sometime this summer to boost Windows 10’s gaming profile but what we know about Microsoft’s operating system says otherwise. Microsoft has only confirmed that Windows 10 will arrive as a free upgrade later this year. Even if Microsoft wrapped development on Windows 10 in June it wouldn’t be able to get it on store shelves and devices until this fall, a bit past the “middle of the year” window this anonymous community member points to.

If there’s anything to announce, Microsoft will likely do it at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in June.

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