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Xbox One Gets Battlefield Hardline Early With EA Access



Owners of Microsoft’s Xbox One will get to experience the story and multiplayer modes that Battlefield Hardline has to offer a lot earlier than their PS4 counterparts thanks to the console’s EA Access subscription service.

Developer Visceral and publisher Electronic Arts announced March 12th as the Battlefield Hardline release date for subscribers of EA Access.

Users won’t be able to enjoy the full game for free, but will get access to a special free trial. A blog post about the coming trial indicates users will get to experience some of the game’s story and multiplayer for a total of 10 hours. All of the game’s multiplayer maps and modes will be accessible. How much of the story users will get to experience remains unclear.

BattleField Hardline PS4

PS4 and Xbox One owners without a subscription to EA Access won’t be able to get their hands on the game until March 17th. That’s when the full version of the game launches. The head start should allow EA Access users to get a feel for the game’s story and multiplayer before anyone else, that’ll be of particular interest for longtime fans of the series.

After 10 hours, the free trial of Battlefield Hardline that players get will stop working and they’ll need to purchase the final version of the game. Luckily, their game save from the free trial will carry over effortlessly. Users will also get 10% off the cost of the final game if they do decide to purchase it digitally.

Battlefield Hardline divides players into cops and criminals. In the multiplayer, it’ll be a criminal’s job to pull off different heists and robberies before getting stop by the opposing team. Another blog post detailed some of the weapons players can expect in the game’s story. Besides the usual slate of handguns and fire arms, Battlefield Hardline treats a police badge as a weapon. In the game players will be able to flash their badge and bring a situation to a peaceful conclusion before things get out of hand. Players can actually make arrests too. Doing so will help them earn new “gear” in the game faster than a shootout. A Taser and police scanner are also at player’s disposal.

Visceral has pointed to classic criminal procedurals as inspiration for the game’s story, calling Battlefield Hardline a “Crime Drama.” The developer has also hinted at a very episodic format for the game’s single player.

EA Access is Electronic Arts’ relatively new subscription service made for the digital age. $4.99 gets Xbox One owners the 10% discount on all of Electronic Arts’ digital titles available through the Xbox Store. Beyond access to new games before they’re widely available, EA Access biggest claim to fame is the Vault. Titles in the Vault are available for subscribers to download at no additional charge. EA adds new titles to the Vault every so often, giving users a widening selection of their catalog.

These games don’t have times and come complete with any related downloadable content. Already, subscribing to EA Access is a good idea for any Xbox One owner who’s into sports games. Electronic Arts added NBA Live 15 to the service this week, giving it a complete array of sports titles to choose from. Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, Battlefield 4, Need for Speed Rivals, Peggle 2 and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare are already available through the service.

Subscribing to EA Access is pretty easy. Xbox One owners should simply download the EA Access Hub from the Xbox Game Store. From inside the interface they can choose whether to use their default Xbox Live payment method for EA Access. Anyone who signs up between now and the launch of Battlefield Hardline should get access to the free trial beginning March 12th.

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