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Xbox One In Stock at For Delivery By Christmas Eve



Best Buy has the Xbox One in stock online for delivery by Christmas Eve in five new bundles.

As Christmas approaches shoppers are still having trouble finding an Xbox One in stock. Retailers like Best Buy and Walmart are in a heat to win holiday dollars with console sales and the many accessories that shoppers must purchase to get the full experience. Walmart just announced the PS4 in stock for Sunday.

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The Xbox One is in stock at Best Buy for the time being, but gamers will need to bundle up to get this deal. While there is no waiting outside in line for the Xbox One, Best Buy is only selling the Xbox One in bundles.

If you want to get an Xbox One before Christmas or even in 2013, this is the price you will need to pay.

Grab an Xbox One in stock at Best Buy with delivery by Christmas Eve.

Grab an Xbox One in stock at Best Buy with delivery by Christmas Eve.

Here are the five in stock Xbox One bundles at Best Buy. Thankfully they are more reasonable than many Xbox One bundles we have seen and do not include extra markups.

  • Xbox One with (extra) Controller – $559
  • Xbox One with Call of Duty: Ghosts – $559
  • Xbox One Bundle with 12 Month Xbox Live Membership – $529 – $30 Savings
  • Xbox One Bundle with Controller + 12 Month Xbox Live – $589 – $30 Savings
  • Xbox One Bundle with Controller, Call of Duty: Ghosts, 12-Month Xbox Live – $649 – $30 Savings

As you can see the Xbox One Bundle with a 12-month Xbox Live membership is the best deal in terms of savings. The Xbox One requires a Xbox Live Gold membership to play games online and to use the Xbox One entertainment apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus, which makes it an essential accessory for most users. It normally retails for $59.99 at most stores.

Shoppers should check out soon if they think they want to buy an Xbox One as this sale will not last very long. The only promise Best Buy makes is delivery by December 24th, but seen as that is less than two weeks away buying one of these bundles is a better option than hunting local stores every day to find a gift for your kid or for yourself.

The Xbox One is normally $499 but remains hard to find this holiday season. The PS4 is $399 and similarly hard to find this holiday season. Shoppers buying a console as a gift should aim to buy whichever one is on their recipient’s wish-list as the two consoles are not interchangeable.

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