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Xbox One Madden 15 Bundle Deal Helps Buyers Save Even More



Amazon is offering users who order the new Madden 15 Xbox One bundle even more savings that what they can expect from other outlets. In addition to getting a copy of Madden 15 at absolutely no extra cost Amazon is also giving users who purchase the console a $35 credit towards their next purchase.

As or right now, absolutely anyone planning on purchasing the Xbox One Madden NFL 15 bundle can take advantage of the deal. Buyers simply need to add the console bundle to their cart and then enter “7A3XYB99ZZ” before they check out. Using the coupon doesn’t seem to get anyone immediate savings but once the console has shipped Amazon will add the $35 in credit to their account.

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Including the coupon code as savings for another purchase prevents users from getting the Xbox One Madden 15 bundle at an even cheaper price, but that hardly means that users can’t save on their Xbox One experience. Those new to the Xbox One will probably need more to play than Madden 15. Essential accessories like a headset or rechargeable battery pack for the controller are also sold at Amazon. Buyers should be able to use the Amazon credit given out in this deal for new accessories and games without a problem.

IGN was the first to report the coupon code and included deal. Amazon’s website doesn’t provide any information about the deal outside of accepting the coupon code. Effectively users are getting an Xbox One and Madden 15 for just $364.

Not to be outshined Sony’s PS4, Microsoft revealed the Xbox One Madden 15 bundle at this year’s Gamescom trade show. The bundle includes everything users need to get started with the game. A standard controller and Xbox One with 500GB of storage comes inside the box. So does an HDMI cable, power cable and chat headset for trash talking with friends and family during half-time.

Users are getting a free copy of Madden 15 inside the bundle as well, but if they’re planning to purchase the bundle and resell the game itself for a tidy profit they might want to think again. Included in the Xbox One Madden 15 bundle is a download code for redeeming a digital copy of the game at no further charge. Once users redeem the code the game is locked to their Xbox Live account, so reselling isn’t exactly easy. For sure, Xbox One Madden 15 buyers won’t be selling their Madden 15 code to GameStop for credit towards other purchases.

Launched today, Madden 15 is both a rehash of the same mechanics that users know and love and a unique game with plenty of extras that even convince those who have last year’s Madden to upgrade. Offensive play remains mostly the same, but defensive play has changed drastically. New types of tackles force defense players to think more critically about stopping their opponents from reaching the end zone.  Upgraded skills training also helps users learn about the game’s core mechanics and get a better feel for the nuances involved in a successful drive to a touchdown.

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Buying Madden 15 alone would cost users $60 on top of the cost of a new Xbox One console. Xbox One Madden 15 bundle buyers also get three Madden NFL Ultimate Team Pro Packs. Buyers are saving an additional $35 that way as well.

Madden 15 is available on store shelves today for $60 or through the PlayStation Network or Xbox Store for the same amount. Xbox One and PS4 players will get new presentation modes and better graphics from Madden 15 but that doesn’t mean users have to upgrade to play the game. Madden 15 is also available for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mcihael

    08/26/2014 at 1:44 pm

    It would be great if EA wasn’t having issues with the downloads. Couldn’t download mine after redeeming the code, Spent 3 hrs chatting with EA support. Never got anywhere. Horrible customer service.

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