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The Xbox One Is Massive, But It’ll Get Smaller



From the photos, you can’t really tell just how big the Xbox One console is, but when you compare side-to-side with the Xbox 360, the Xbox One is an absolute boat. This really isn’t a major issue, but for those who already have trouble fitting their Xbox 360 into their home entertainment center, the Xbox One will be even more difficult to fit in.

The original Xbox 360 released in 2005 measured in at 12.15 inches wide, 3.27 inches high and 10.15 inches deep, weighing in at 7.7 lbs. The Xbox One is even bigger than that, measuring in at 13.1 inches wide, 10.8 inches deep and 3.1 inches high. Compared to the PS4, the Xbox One is absolutely huge, but this isn’t a bad thing by any means, and it’ll get smaller over time when Microsoft improves the design of the console in the future.

Screenshot 2013-11-26 14.00.24

Take the evolution of past consoles for example. The slimmer design of the Xbox 360 that was introduced in 2010 made the console a lot smaller, as did the slimmer design of the PS3 that was introduced in 2009. Thanks to better manufacturing and smaller components, both Microsoft and Sony were able to slim down their consoles without sacrificing performance.

However, perhaps one of the biggest changes in console design that we’ve ever seen was the PS2. The original “fat” PS2, which was launched in 2000 was gigantic, but four years later, Sony revealed a much smaller redesign of the console. The original PS2 was 11.9 inches long, 7.2 inches deep and 3.1 inches high. The slim PS2 blew those measurements out of the water, coming in at 9.1 inches wide, 6 inches deep and just over an inch thick. The weight of the console was also shaved off by over half, going from 4.9 lbs. to just under 2 lbs.


Will we see a redesign like this with the Xbox One? It’s certainly possible, but we won’t get our hopes up; the PS2 slim was plagued with overheating issues, requiring anyone racing in a 24-hour event in Gran Turismo 4 to put their slimmer PS2 on a block of ice if they didn’t want it overheating.

However, we will most likely see Microsoft issue a redesign for the Xbox One in a few years that will make the console both lighter and smaller, as well as possibly add a few new features to the console in order to reboot sales and get the hype back up, seeing as how gaming consoles last at least five years, with the Xbox 360 just recently celebrating its eighth birthday earlier this month before the Xbox One officially replaced it.

Good things come to those who wait, and if you can wait a few years before picking up an Xbox One, you’ll not only get a slimmed-down, redesigned console, but the price will most likely be dropped a bit, saving you a bit of cash in the process.



  1. Chad

    12/04/2013 at 1:44 pm

    What is it with this “slim” fad?I’d rather have a bigger console that runs cool than a smaller one with heat issues because everything is so crammed in together it doesn’t have enough room to breathe.#1 focus needs to be performance,not looks

  2. Brandon Neil White

    12/06/2013 at 9:24 am

    The Xbone is only 9% bigger in cubic inches than the original 360. Not exactly that massive.

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