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Xbox One Media Remote Leaks with March 4 Release Date



We all remember that the Xbox 360 came with a media remote that gamers could use to control their Xbox consoles when watching movies and using apps, but the Xbox One has yet to see such an accessory. However, Amazon’s Canadian website has leaked a media remote for the new console with a release date of March 4.

The listing has since been taken down for obvious reasons, but accessing the listing using Google Cache shows us that the remote will sell for $25 in Canada, which is almost $23 in US dollars. That’s certainly not a bad price for an Xbox One media remote, although we’d suggest simply getting a Logitech Harmony remote. They’re more expensive, but you can control your entire entertainment system with it, and it comes with seamless integration with the Xbox One.

Xbox One Media Remote

This Xbox One media remote is pretty basic, also, coming with only the essentials, including¬†navigation buttons, volume, and the usual playback controls. We’re certainly not surprised to see an Xbox One media remote, but we are surprised to see such a basic layout for it.

You can pick up an entry-level Logitech Harmony remote for around $50, and it’ll give you the ability to control three devices in your entertainment system, like your TV, audio receiver and your Xbox One. However, if you have more devices, you’ll need to pony up some more cash for a remote that supports more than three devices.

However, that extra money you spend will get you much greater functionality than what the Xbox One media remote will probably provide, but we can still see this basic remote serving a simple purpose for a lot of gamers, especially for those who don’t have a very complex entertainment system.


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