Xbox One Price: Microsoft Almost Nails an Apple Event

Today Microsoft announced the Xbox One, the new Xbox that will arrive later this year in living rooms across the world, but failed to announce the Xbox One price.

Microsoft executives took a page out of Apple’s playbook showing off the Xbox One hardware and game demos with great looking features show off on stage.

But despite everything Microsoft announced, the Xbox One price didn’t make it into the announcement at all. While Apple announces a release date and price at each event, by the end of the event it felt much more like a Samsung or HTC event where the Xbox One release date and Xbox One price were left as a major mystery.

The Xbox One price remains missing despite a very Apple-like event for the Xbox One reveal.

The Xbox One price remains missing despite a very Apple-like event for the Xbox One reveal.

When Apple announced the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, we got a good look at what the device could do, how it looked and then we received a price and a release date. This presentation style and these key pieces of information quickly became the hallmark of an Apple event.

At the Xbox One event today Microsoft did an amazing job of showcasing the Xbox One and showing off what it could do on stage. This included an amazing demo of the new Instant Switch and Kinect snap controls. As well as major partnerships with the NFL, Steven Spielberg and demos of EA games on the Xbox 360. We even got a look at the Call of Duty: Ghosts reveal trailer which shows off the graphics capabilities of the Xbox One.

For everything Microsoft did right, the company failed to announce the Xbox One price. This was not a surprise, as the company is likely waiting to see where the Xbox One cost to build lands and feeling out the market and competition.

Samsung failed to announce the Galaxy S4 price at its launch event, allowing carriers to offer the device at a plethora of price points. AT&T tested consumer demand for a $250 Galaxy S4 before circling back and offering the 16GB Galaxy S4 for $199 and the 32GB model for $250. Competing carriers are charging $250 for the 16GB model, but at this point it’s impossible for AT&T to raise  the price.

Sony didn’t show off the looks of the PlayStation 4 or announce a PlayStation 4 price at the incredibly long event it held earlier this year. Both companies are taking the Android approach and keeping pricing a secret for now.

The Microsoft Xbox One price may remain a mystery until the PlayStation 4 price is announced so that Microsoft can undercut the competition. Both consoles will likely arrive in the fall, and if the Xbox One price is substantially lower it could give Microsoft an early lead in the next generation console battle. When the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 battled it out, the Xbox offered a $100 cheaper price.

One leak claims the Xbox One price will arrive at $499, with a second subscription based model that would require a two-year Xbox Live membership. The Xbox One price for the Live model would reportedly hit $299 with a $10 a month fee.

While Microsoft was close to pulling off an Apple-inspired event with the Xbox reveal, It’s clear consumers want to know how much the Xbox One will cost. Here are just a few consumer reactions.

There is hope that Microsoft will announce the Xbox One price at E3 on June 10th, when the company will likely show off a number of Xbox One game demos.