Xbox One, PS4 Accessories Go On Sale as Release Approaches
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Xbox One, PS4 Accessories Go On Sale as Release Approaches



With both Microsoft and Sony now allowing pre-orders for the controllers and accessories of their next-generation gaming consoles, we now have a more accurate picture of how much the complete experience of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will cost early adopters.

The Dualshock 4 wireless controllers for the PlayStation 4 are now available from Amazon, Gamestop and Best Buy for $59.99, while the wireless Xbox One controller is on sale for $59.99 through the Microsoft Store.

Those prices put both controllers at exactly the same price as their predecessors, although Xbox One users may want to pick up the Plug and Play rechargeable battery pack for their controllers too. At an extra $24.99, it’s certainly not cheap, but it could save them from having to rush out for batteries every few weeks. It’s also available for pre-order today through the Microsoft Store. Users can pre-order an Xbox One Plug and Play battery pack and a controller together for $74.99 at the Microsoft Store.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One entertainment consoles.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One entertainment consoles.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both come with only one controller inside the box, however the Xbox One uses its Kinect Sensor to enable multiple users to play casual games without the need of any controllers.

Finally, Microsoft is also making the Xbox One headset available for pre-order on it’s website for $24.99. Microsoft recently announced that its next-generation console would not ship with any wired headset in favor of allowing users to voice chat through the console’s Kinect sensor. PlayStation 4 users will receive a wired headset with the purchase of their console.

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Microsoft recently detailed the features it has added to the Xbox One’s controller, including the ability to have the device plug into a micro-USB cable and act as a wired controller. That stands in stark contrast to the two versions of the Xbox 360 controller that are sold today.

Neither Microsoft nor Sony have detailed an exact date on when their consoles will be available to consumers. So far, both have said that users can expect a release in November.

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