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Xbox One & PS4 Mad Max Release: 5 Things to Know



Mad Max Fury Road is the hottest topic in the box office world, next to any Marvel movie you can name, and there is a Mad Max game coming in 2015 to deliver some of that fun to your console.

The Mad Max game release is surprisingly not tied to the movie release date, which means gamers will need to wait a while before they take control of Max in a video game.

After watching the incredibly fast paced Mad Max Fury Road in the theater we are eager to play the Mad Max game, but there are some surprises surrounding the release of the game that Mad Max Fury Road moviegoers definitely need to know.

Gamers can still enjoy parts of the Mad Max Fury Road universe, but so far there does not appear to be a strong feminine lead to play alongside Mad Max like in the current movie.

Mad Max Fury Road arrived in theaters on May 15th to positive reviews, though some criticism arose from “mens rights groups” over the strong female characters portrayed on screen by Charlize Theron and other actresses.

Here are the important Mad Max game details, including how it is different from Mad Max Fury road.

Xbox One & PS4 Mad Max Release: 5 Things to Know

Mad Max Game Release Date

Mad Max Game Release Date

The Mad Max game release date is not linked the to theatrical Mad Max Fury Road release. Instead the Xbox One and PS4 Mad Max release date is set for the fall. 

This is good news for gamers, as Warner Brother's Studios did not force the game into a release that matches the Fury Road arrival. Games that rush to fit a film release often suffer for the restrictive timing.

Instead, it looks like the game will arrive near the time of the Mad Max Fury Road DVD release date in September.

Amazon lists the Mad Max game release date as September 1st, 2015 or Xbox One and PS4. The Md Max game is also coming to PC.



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    05/21/2015 at 2:58 pm

    I cannot wait until mad max comes on my birthday. So I’ll probably pre-order the game and go to the launch party.
    #can’t wait no longer

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