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Xbox One Release Date Confusion Arrives at Best Buy



The Xbox One release date is set for November 22nd, but a round of emails and moving Xbox One Day one pickup dates at Best Buy leave some gamers confused about exactly when they will get the Xbox One.

A simple wording issue raised hopes for some shoppers and other Best Buy order pages show an Xbox One release date delivery a week after the official release.

This morning Best Buy sent out an email to shoppers who ordered the Xbox One Day One Call of Duty Ghosts Bundle with a subject that the “pre-order has a new release date.”

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Inside the email listed Call of Duty Ghosts Xbox One with a release date of November 19th, which led at least one shopper to believe his Xbox One Call of Duty Ghosts Bundle was coming out a few days early.

The Xbox One release date did not move up with Call of Duty Ghosts.

The Xbox One release date did not move up with Call of Duty Ghosts.

In reality the Xbox One Day One release remains unchanged for users who ordered the bundle. The Call of Duty Ghosts Xbox One game does come out on the 19th, several days before gamers will have any means of playing it, and it may not be worth heading in store to pick it up before the bundle is completely available.

If you read an email about an Xbox One pre-order release date moving up, it’s just the game, not the console.

Our Xbox One Day One release date is now November 30th.

Our Xbox One Day One release date is now November 30th.

One issue that came up today as we checked the Xbox One release date listing for a Best Buy pre-order is listed as November 30th for in store pickup. Previously this order listed November 22nd as the release date, but without explanation it is now one week behind.

The Xbox One Day One edition is a special version of the Xbox One with an achievement, a special emblem and most importantly a guaranteed day one delivery.

It’s possible that this is a mix up with Best Buy, though it seems odd that the system would push back an announced Xbox One release date for the Day One edition the same day it updates release date information for an Xbox One launch title.

Best Buy isn’t perfect when it comes to pre-ordering items. Last year during the iPhone 5 pre-order blitz Best Buy’s reservation process offered the hope of a pickup on release day, but ended up pushing some orders back by nearly a month.

Others report a standard November 22nd date, so this may be a glitch. We’ve reached out to Best Buy for comment.



  1. Matthew Radecki

    10/03/2013 at 6:13 am

    Anybody who buys an xbox is a loser, and ps4 is not any better. PC MASTER RACE all the way.

    • Noodle117

      10/03/2013 at 8:39 am

      You are just as bad you inane troll.

    • C

      10/05/2013 at 9:07 am

      Who cares, who buys what.

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