Xbox One Release Date for Day One Isn’t in Danger Says Microsoft

Earlier this week we saw an Xbox One Day One pre-order slip past the November 22nd Xbox One release date promised by Microsoft, but Microsoft claims it will deliver all Day One edition consoles on release day as planned.

We contacted the retailer to find out what was going on, and Best Buy stated that we would get one as long as the store got them in stock, but it might not be the first shipment.

While we previously assumed the Xbox One Day One bundle’s biggest feature was the ability to play it on release day, but we couldn’t find any mention of this promise on Best Buy, the Xbox website or the Microsoft Store.

The Xbox One release date is safe for Day One editions, says Microsoft.

The Xbox One release date is safe for Day One editions, says Microsoft.


After asking Microsoft for comment behind the scenes and officially, we did not hear back in a timely fashion and ran with the report, including one report from another user who says his Xbox One Day One edition might not arrive until December. In the comments of our original report, a reader states that his Xbox One Day One pre-order is scheduled for Delivery on November 30th.

Additionally, 53 readers answered our poll saying their Xbox One Day One pre-order is not set for delivery on the Xbox One release date.

Xbox One release date delay

There is still a significant amount of time between now and the Xbox One release date, which means retailers and Microsoft can figure out some of these bugs, but in the short-term retailers like Best Buy, Walmart and Target are still telling users that the Xbox One Day One Edition is not on track for delivery on November 22nd.

Microsoft says this is not the case and that it will be able to deliver the Xbox One Day One edition in time for gamers to play on the release date.

Despite the abundance of reports of late Xbox One Day One edition dates, Microsoft provides the following assurances through a Microsoft spokesperson,

“All Day One pre-orders will be fulfilled as planned at launch.”

This is good news for gamers who can’t wait to play Call of Duty: Ghosts and other Xbox One launch titles, and who want to catch up on Madden and FIFA after skipping the Xbox 360 version.

It’s clear Microsoft has a communication breakdown between the Xbox team and the retailers that sell the console. Hopefully order dates will update to the correct time at Best Buy, Target and Walmart in the coming weeks.