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Xbox One Release Date Expectations



The Xbox One Release date is almost here, bringing the first new Xbox since 2005 to stores. Unlike smartphones that shoppers buy every year, there’s enough time between new Xbox releases, that some shoppers may not know what to expect.

Microsoft is trying to get the information out to shoppers, as are stores like Best Buy and GameStop which may be the best places to buy find a new console on the Xbox One release date without a pre-order.

The Xbox One Day One edition is going to be tough to find at most on release day, and shoppers can still get a pre-order at some local stores like Walmart or GameStop, though not all of these will arrive on release day.

We’ve rounded what shoppers can expect from the Xbox One release date on November 22nd. Whether you are a parent looking to buy a gift or a gamer heading out for your first midnight release party for a console, here’s what you can expect.

Long Lines at Best Buy, Walmart and Others

With console launches coming far less often than smartphones, tablets or games, look to see long lines on the Xbox One release date, specifically at midnight launches. Many of these shoppers will have an Xbox One pre-order in place which will guarantee them a console. If this describes you, you can skip the line and show up in the morning to save the time, that is if you don’t plan on playing the Xbox One all night and sleeping in on Saturday.

Here's what to expect at Best Buy on the Xbox One release date.

Here’s what to expect at Best Buy on the Xbox One release date.

Best Buy has a plan for lines and will be separating those with pre-orders and those without. If you are waiting outside for an hour or two, bring a chair, food and wear something warm. Check here to see if your local Best Buy is hosting a midnight Xbox One release.

It’s important to be aware of your surroundings if you are buying an Xbox One at midnight. Inevitably someone will think this is a good time to rob people waiting in line or who have just left. It’s a good idea to take your console home, not drive around town and leave your car in another parking lot unattended right after leaving a store where someone knows you bought a console.

Some Extra Xbox One Release Date Stock

Microsoft assures Gotta Be Mobile that shoppers who did not pre-order the Xbox One Day One edition will have a chance to buy a Xbox on November 22nd. They aren’t promising a specific amount of stock at retailers, but a Microsoft Spokesperson tells us,

“While we do not share specific numbers of pre-orders, we will be able to fulfill all official pre-orders and will have units available at retail in our 13 launch markets on November 22. Based on early demand projections we are already anticipating that Xbox One will be sold out this holiday. We are encouraging consumers interested in Xbox One to preorder now or shop early as we anticipate selling every unit we deliver to retail this holiday.”

Shoppers should look for a midnight launch event for the best chance at buying an Xbox One on release day without a pre-order.

Xbox One Day One Issues

When you get home and plug the Xbox One in, you will need to download an Xbox One Day One update that is about 500MB before you can even play a game you bought at the store.

Users will need an Xbox One update right out of the box.

Users will need an Xbox One update right out of the box.

This may not be an issue, but if millions of gamers head home and try to download it at the same time, servers could slow to a crawl and force gamers to wait longer to play.

Right now there is no way to download it ahead of time, so we could be in for a slow start. It wouldn’t surprise us if there are other smaller issues that pop up from a large number of gamers getting the new console.

Xbox One Accessories and Games in Stock

If you didn’t order all the games you want or extra controllers it shouldn’t be an issue. this comes direct form Microsoft.

“Availability should feel a lot better than it did for 360,” Phil Spencer Microsoft Studios vice president told Game Informer. “If people want to pick up more controllers and games, they’ll be there.

Microsoft plans to have consoles available for users who did not pre-order on the Xbox One release date, but expects a fast sellout this holiday season.

Microsoft plans to have consoles available for users who did not pre-order on the Xbox One release date, and many accessories and games.

The only games we could see in short supply are any special editions which typically retail for more than $60 and are often produced in a more limited quantity.



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