Xbox One Release Date Pre-Orders Still Available from Amazon
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Xbox One Release Date Pre-Orders Still Available from Amazon



The Xbox One release date is Friday and while the Xbox One Day One edition is hard to find it isn’t impossible to sneak in a final Xbox One Pre-Order with a promised Xbox One release date delivery.

Most retailers stopped taking Xbox One pre-orders last month, but Amazon is running a special Xbox One Day One pre-order on Wednesday at 8 AM Eastern, 5 AM Pacific.

While Apple is the king of convincing gadget buyers to set alarms for the middle of the night anyone who wants the new Xbox on the release date and is still looking for a pre-order should plan on getting up early.

The Amazon Video Games Twitter account shared details of the special Xbox One release date allotment this evening, but does not offer any specifics on how many consoles will be available when the sale goes live early Wednesday morning.

Be sure to go the Xbox One product page on Amazon early Wednesday and check out with the Day One edition to make sure you get the console on release date. Amazon says all Xbox One Day One orders are, “guaranteed to be available on the Release Day of November 22, 2013.”

You can still order an Xbox One release date console from Amazon, starting early Wednesday morning.

You can still order an Xbox One release date console from Amazon, starting early Wednesday morning.

This is for the Xbox One Day one edition which means gamers will get a special logo on the controller, an achievement and most importantly, delivery on release day. Look for Amazon to throw in free two-day shipping which should get the Xbox One to your door by 8PM local time on November 22nd.

Amazon surprised many shoppers last week by pushing their Xbox One delivery up to the release date, a big jump from original estimates which put the console on track for a delivery in late December or even early 2014.

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The Xbox One release date will bring limited stock, though we expect there will still be some consoles available at GameStop, Best Buy and Walmart, this is the best chance for a happy Xbox One release date.

There is a chance you may get the Xbox One earlier if you go to a midnight release event at a participating store, but if you can secure an order through Amazon the wait until later on Friday beats the time spent in line and the chance you go home empty-handed. If you don’t get an Xbox One on the release day, Black Friday will be the next best chance, but even that will be a gamble and a very busy shopping day too.

The Xbox One is going for $200 over retail on eBay right now so if you know someone who wants an Xbox One this week or a parent who may need to buy an Xbox One for Christmas, wake them up with this information, or make sure they see it first thing in the morning as it could help them save $200.

The Xbox One release date is Friday November 22nd, and many stores will sell the console at 12:01 AM following an evening of festivities on THursday night.



  1. Trevor Clarke

    11/20/2013 at 2:30 am

    Maybe you’d rather try or where you get a free $10 Target giftcard for purchase of any XBox One game –

  2. The Gaming Ground

    11/20/2013 at 4:06 am

    I might pick up the Xbox One some time next year. But right now, Im all In for the PS4 =) Great article btw!

  3. epro

    11/20/2013 at 5:52 am

    I think your article is not exactly correct. these special orders are not guaranteed to arrive on release date. estimated delivery is the 26th I ordered one and I called them after the order confirmation said deliver the 26th of Nov. They confirmed that this late in the order process they are not guaranteed for release date to arrive.. One can hold to hope though ;)

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