Xbox One in Stock at Amazon With A New Twist
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Xbox One in Stock at Amazon With A New Twist



In what’s definitely a sign that the console’s stock is normalizing following its launch, the Xbox One has returned to Amazon’s online retail store with one caveat – it’ll take a bit longer to arrive than Amazon’s first batch did.

Now users can place their order for the $499.99 entertainment console on Amazon just as they could before. What’s more, their order comes complete with free shipping. However, instead of its usually shipping times, Amazon is says that users who order the console should expect it to take them between one and two days to process their purchase. Usually, items sold by Amazon process that same day.

Despite the delayed processing, Amazon is still promising users that they’ll have their Xbox One console in time for the Christmas holiday saying, “To ensure delivery by December 24, choose free shipping at checkout.” Parents who are a little nervous about making the purchase will have until January 31st to return the console if it turns out that the the Xbox One’s functionality isn’t what they were looking for.

xbox one returns to amazon

Users should keep in mind that these aren’t the Day One edition Xbox One consoles that Microsoft gave to users who pre-ordered earlier this year. As such, it’s missing a code for the custom Day One achievement and special edition controller that Microsoft included in that bundle at no extra charge. All told, that’s not a big loss. Each Xbox One includes all the same hardware and functionality.

When users open their Xbox One this holiday they’ll find the Xbox One console itself, a next-generation Kinect 2 sensor, a power plug, HDMI cable, a wireless controller with batteries and a corded chat headset.

GottaBeMobile found that the Xbox One had the right mix of entertainment functionality and raw gaming in its review earlier this month.

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The Xbox One’s return to Amazon is just the latest thing that hints at the console’s stock normalizing. Reports on Twitter and Facebook indicated that it had become incredibly easy to find an Xbox One in stock earlier today.

For its part, Microsoft said that it is still having a hard time keeping the console on store shelves in a press release about the console’s sales performance during the month of November.

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