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Xbox One Unboxing Video: See What’s Inside



With just three months left until it launches the console that will deliver its next generation gaming experience, Microsoft is taking its time in sharing every small minuscule detail about the Xbox One. Today’s detail of choice? What users will actually get in the box with the first Xbox One unboxing video.

The details come by way of a video posted the company’s YouTube account featuring Xbox’s Larry Hyrb. In the video, Hyrb shows off and then completely unpacks a Day One edition of the Xbox One console. As of today, that Xbox One Day One edition bundle includes a special edition DAY ONE 2013 controller and a DAY ONE achievement. That’s in addition to the things that every standard Xbox One will ship with.

Watch the Xbox One unboxing video to see one of 20 current production Xbox One units in retail packaging.

Watch the Xbox One unboxing video to see one of 20 current production Xbox One units in retail packaging.

Every Xbox One will come with a Kinect sensor, the Xbox One itself with 500GB of on-board storage, a wireless controller and a rather large power adapter. Microsoft will also include an HDMI cable with every Xbox One so that users won’t take the console home, only to find that they need yet another cable that they don’t have.

According to a post on the Xbox Wire blog, that HDMI cable is compatible with 4K displays, the world’s next big display quality upgrade. Although 4k televisions are in most houses yet, it’s likely that Xbox One owners won’t mind not having to shell out for an upgraded cable when they decide to upgrade their television down the road.

Xbox One Headset

The Xbox One bundle that Microsoft showed off in the video includes the new Xbox One Chat Headset. Microsoft previously announced that it would include a headset with every Xbox One after users complained about having to rely on Kinect or pick up a headset at an additional cost.

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Even though it’s now shown off the actual contents of the Xbox One packaging, Microsoft still isn’t sharing an exact Xbox One release date. So far, it has gone on record saying users will be able to buy the console sometime before the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States.

The Xbox One is available for pre-order for $499.

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