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Xbox One Users Could See An Open Beta of Titanfall Before Release



Xbox One users could see a public beta of Titanfall judging by a comment the game’s community manager made on Twitter.

Respawn Entertainment’s Abbie Heppe, noted that it was possible users could see an open beta of the first-person shooter turned robot action game in a reply message on the social network on January 18th. That was shortly before Titanfall’s alpha testing period began.

That’s great news for Xbox One users who are clamoring to get their hands on the first post-launch blockbuster title to come to the Xbox One. Though the console shipped with a decent line-up of games, many users weren’t impressed by the console’s exclusive titles last fall. Those titles included Killer Instinct, Forza 5, Ryse: Son of Rome and a few others.

The Xbox One's first big exclusive title, Titanfall, launches March 11th.

The Xbox One’s first big exclusive title, Titanfall, launches March 11th.

To be clear, Xbox One owners would be excited about Titanfall regardless of how any of the console’s launch titles fared. That’s because Titanfall will be the first game to make it to the market since most of Respawn Entertainment’s staff decided to leave Activision and the Call of Duty franchise behind. That franchise frequently landed in the list of top 10 highest-selling games each year.

It also helps that Titanfall is a game unlike many of the first-person shooters that currently dominate the video game landscape. Titanfall users are able to move around the game’s world with the assistance of jetpacks and other add-ons. Users who manage to stay in the game long enough can call upon large robots called Titans. Instead of separating the game’s campaign and multiplayer, Titanfall blends them both, leaving users to battle in a world that’s always alive with real players and computer generated titans and players all battling for supremacy.

Titanfall is available in alpha right now. Unfortunately, users need an actual invitation to participate in that alpha. Even then, users can’t actually play the full game. Instead, alpha participants are only getting about 25% of what they’d see and interact with in the actual game, according to Respawn.

A public beta would, in theory, allow for everyone to tryout Titanfall and get a feel for its game mechanics before it arrives on store shelves on March 11th along with its special edition Xbox One controller. Typically, developers use public betas as a way to get the word out about their game and test any servers that might be doing work behind the scenes. Titanfall seems very server intensive, making a public beta that much more likely.

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A successful launch of Titanfall could boost sales of the Xbox One. The title is exclusive to Microsoft’s $499 entertainment console and PCs running its Windows operating system. Titanfall will cost Xbox One owners $60.

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