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Xbox One With Key Upgrades Leaked Ahead of E3 2105



A new Xbox One bundle is coming that’ll have a huge impact on the way new upgraders play and store their games. That’s if a recent leak of a new Xbox One bundle arriving the same day as Microsoft’s E3 2015 Media Briefing is an accurate indication of Microsoft’s plans.

Citing a Twitter follower who first noticed it, Polygon published a report last week indicating Amazon had a full store page for an unreleased Xbox One bundle up and available for everyone to see.

According to store page, this Xbox One console has 1TB in storage — the most of any non-special edition Xbox One console. Also included in the leaked Xbox One bundle is a digital code that unlocks Halo: The Master Chief Collection for buyers and a single Xbox One wireless controller with a dedicated headset jack for plugging in earbuds and gaming headphones without having to head to a store and pick up the Xbox One Headset Adapter.

Allegedly, this new Xbox One bundle will cost just $399 and begin shipping on June 15th, the same day Microsoft takes to the stage at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California. Microsoft hasn’t confirmed if this new Xbox One bundle is genuine. In fact, it’s unlikely to publicly talk about anything directly related to Xbox One plans this close to its event. Each year video game developers and console makers rely on surprise announcements to get fans excited about their fall changes and gaming line-up.

1TB is double what’s available in every single Xbox One bundle sold on store shelves today. That being said, this new Xbox One bundle can’t be considered the Xbox One with the most available storage since the Xbox One Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Special Edition bundle arrived last year with 1TB of storage and a hefty price tag to match. When you look at Microsoft’s complete Xbox One line-up, this 1TB Xbox One would fit nicely between the $349.99 Xbox One console the company has available today for entry-level buyers and the $499 Xbox One console that comes complete with a Kinect sensor in the box. By comparison, Sony’s PS4 video game console still costs $399 with a free game.

The reason for this new Xbox One’s existence is pretty straightforward. Having double the amount of internal storage means users have more space to store their games inside their console. Video games are no longer just code on a disc, the rebuilt version of Xbox Live that arrived alongside the Xbox One treats video games in the same way a smartphone would treat an app. You can download them on the first day their available — even before if you’re willing to pre-order and let the game unlock on release day. Users can switch in and out of games at any time. Maintaining this convenience means giving users easy access to more storage.

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To be clear, just because you’re out of space on your Xbox One’s internal drive doesn’t mean you can’t still download games. Xbox One owners can rotate in new games by simply deleting old ones or getting an external hard drive to plug into the console.

This isn’t the first time the Xbox One Wireless Controller has leaked. A few weeks ago Microsoft itself revealed an Xbox One Wireless Controller with a built-in headset jack that let users skip the $20 Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter. That leak was on the support page on the Xbox One website. Both it and the leaked new 1TB Xbox One bundle were pulled  from their respective sites, unlikely to return until Microsoft makes an official announcement about them.

Microsoft’s E3 Media Briefing begins at 9:30PM Pacific Time on June 15th. The company will stream the entire briefing directly to Xbox Ones and Xbox 360’s it’ll also be available on Spike TV.

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