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Xbox Users Get Free Titanfall Season Pass & More 



Microsoft and its partners are on a mission to make Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners happy this week. Early this morning, the Xbox Store began offering the downloadable content for one of last year’s most popular Xbox exclusives for free. At the same time Electronic Arts was rolling out a free trial of last year’s Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Microsoft hasn’t formally announced either offer through its official channels, but that isn’t stopping word about them from spreading. The Xbox One community on Reddit was one of the first places to start spreading the word about the free Titanfall promotion. For right now, the Titanfall Season Pass that would have cost extra just days ago, is absolutely free to pick up. What’s more, the free Titanfall Season Pass offer extends to the Xbox 360 too.


Titanfall is the first-person shooter that launched exclusive on Microsoft’s platforms early in 2014. It was developed by Respawn, a studio made up of developers that originally worked on the Call of Duty franchise for Activision Blizzard. There’s no single player campaign. Instead, Respawn focused on creating a great multiplayer experience with just a hint of story. In the game, players become a member of either the IMC or Rebel forces.

There are tons of game modes, but the most popular involves simply running around the levels collecting different weapons and killing anything in sight that isn’t on your team. Players can run on walls and jump huge distances. What’s more, they can call on giant robots to assist them in their efforts. A few months ago, the Titanfall Season Pass cost $24.99. It contains all three of the map packs Respawn released for the game. To be clear, users will still need to purchase a copy of Titanfall to use this free downloadable content. Titanfall for the Xbox One is now $29.99 in the Xbox Store. A new copy of Titanfall for the Xbox 360 is $29.99 from GameStop.

Microsoft’s Xbox Wire website hasn’t published anything about the new Dragon Age: Inquisition free trial, but its official presence on Twitter has. In fact, it did so yesterday. In the tweet, Xbox invites anyone with an Xbox Live Gold account to try Dragon Age: Inquisition at no cost. The free trial isn’t actually a new version of the game specifically made for this promotion. Instead, it appears to be the same six-hour free trial that subscribers of the EA Access subscription service get.

Again, to take advantage of the free trial users need to be logged into their console with their Xbox Live Gold account. Xbox Live Gold is the same subscription service that lets Xbox One and Xbox 360 users claim two free games a month and play multiplayer online. The free trial lasts until March 16th. After that, it goes away. It makes sense that Microsoft and Electronic Arts would team up for a free trial for the game now, Dragon Age: Inquisition is on sale this week for members with an Xbox Live Gold subscription. A digital copy of the game costs just $35.99. That’s a steal considering this past November the game launched for $60.

All told, both offers are a great showcase for the value of Xbox Live Gold in general. That’s key as Microsoft seems to be keen on repositioning Xbox Live as a discount game service instead of a gate-keeper for enjoying games online. Last week the company confirmed it had no plans to charge Windows 10 users for Xbox Live. Last year it stopped forcing both Xbox One and Xbox 360 users to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold before they could use entertainment apps like Hulu Plus and Netflix.

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