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Xfinity 10G Network: What it is…And Isn’t



The Xfinity 10G network and its misleading ads are causing a lot of confusion since Xfinity launched it with a barrage of ads touting fast Internet speeds and an array of offers. Those hoping for absurdly fast Internet speed upgrades will be disapointed to hear the “10G network” is simply an Xfinity branding exercise that encompasses both its home and mobile services.

It’s easy to see why consumers could think that all of Xfinity’s new ads are introducing an all-new network of some kind. Wireless companies are continuously bombarding consumers with the latest and greatest wireless G or “generation.” For example, current smartphones support 5G wireless, which is significantly faster than 4G.

Xfinity isn’t building out an all-new network with significant upgrades, which will disappoint those looking for anything faster than gigabit Internet speeds or the ability to upload content much faster than they already can. Xfinity 10G also isn’t going to blow away your current wireless provider’s download or upload speeds.

Another thing to note is that advertised speeds are the maximum download speeds. Maximum upload speeds are far slower. Even those on the fastest Xfinity 10G network plans will see upload speeds that are several times slower than their download speeds.

Xfinity 10G Network Ads

Above is just one of the many Xfinity 10G network launch ads. They largely brag about breakthroughs and feature kids reminiscing about how bad their internet connections were back in the day.

Here is another Xfinity 10G ad featuring Mario of Super Mario. He zooms through pipes in the 15 second ad, hinting at how fast Xfinity’s new internet pipes are and how they might help gamers gain an edge. But like the ad fearing kids, this ad doesn’t explain what Xfinity’s 10G network is or isn’t in terms of actual product or technology.

In another ad, a woman is disapointed to learn that her date doesn’t have fast, reliable home Internet service. The lack of Xfinity 10G service is just one of the many red flags she sees in his living room. But the real red flag here is that Xfinity doesn’t really tell the viewer what the ’10G network’ is that they’re selling. It’s also odd that Xfinity is poking fun at mobile data speeds and reliability considering that it sells Xfinity mobile services.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Julio Solar

    02/26/2023 at 7:04 am

    Deceiving advertising should be illegal. Of course, in the name of freedom of speech, they will argue that everybody should “ask the right questions” and do their homework before believing all the fallacy we are exposed to in a daily basis. Good job Comcast. You are now included on the “most reliable liars network” in America.

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