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Xplore gaining ground – and not just out in the field



XplorelogoXplore and their line of ‘rugged’ tablets have shown a record growth over last year.  Their sales have grown by over 50% to almost 10 million!  One interesting aspect of the article that really gives a feel for the range of growth is that over half of their sales are to non-US customers – including customers like the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Not bad for a company only 10 years old and providing some of the toughest tablets on the market!  Looks like they are going to have some extra funds from some investors to work with as well – wonder what kind of new products we’ll see from them in the next year?

“Our execution resulted in the best quarter of the Company’s history. We not only had record revenues, but this was our seventh consecutive quarter of revenue growth. This demonstrates the favorable acceptance of our Centrino-based tablet, especially on a global scale, as non-U.S. markets accounted for more than 50% of our revenue. We believe we have the best rugged mobile computer in the marketplace and our customers have embraced that value.” Mark Holleran, President and Chief Operating Officer

Xplore Technologies

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