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xTablet T8600 Rugged Tablet Handheld Computer Video



The video below is an interesting look at some of the testing that MobileDemand does during their ‘rugged’ testing.  The video (appears to be some type of marketing) features the xTablet T8600 used by a lot of crews while out in the field. 

I sure would like to get one of these units into my office (day job) for my staff, would be a great addition to our hardware and I am sure the field staff would love to have one to play with.  Maybe after this video the ‘higher ups’ will see that it won’t break as easily as they think…  It’s also cool to see some of the ruggedness when they show the military spec drop test onto plywood and give it a rinse in the shower.

Tablet PC – MobileDemand presents the xTablet rugged handheld tablet computer, demonstrating the key features, development and testing methods used in the xTablet T8600.

Author: mobiledemand
Added: November 19, 2007

Tablet PC – xTablet T8600 Rugged Tablet Handheld Computer

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