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xThink releases MathJournal 2.0!



XthinkThere are few applications that utilize the power of ink better than the MathJournal tool from xThink.  Math on a keyboard is minimal at best, but the addition of the pen to diagramming and solving extremely complicated math problems makes for a very intuitive process.

Well, xThink has released their version 2.0 today.  Here are a couple of quick bullet points from their PDF press release

xThink has released Version 2.0 of MathJournalTM, a user-friendly, powerful math tool for the Tablet PC. The release introduces many features derived from customer wish lists:

  • Major expansion (75%) of the library of math functions, including functions for statistics and matrix math, and operations with scalars, complex numbers, vectors, and matrices.
  • Even better recognition of handwritten, two-dimensional math expressions
  • More math symbols, including Greek letters and operators, such as summation and product
  • Streamlined user interface, including context menus
  • Enhanced MathML (for typeset math output)
  • Console control to enable keyboard-based math

Teresa Shu of xThink also sent us a couple of Camtasia videos of the product in action.  Even if you are not a mathematics afficionado, you will enjoy viewing these quick videos of a pen doing math!

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Intro 1, Intro 2, Intro 3, and MathJournal to Microsoft Office demo

We would love to see a 3rd party review done of this product, but none of us here at GottaBeMobile.com feel we are math savvy enough to do one!  Anyone out there interested in doing a review to be published on GBM?  Email us at infoatgottabemobile.com if interested.

Also, a GottaBeMobile.com reader (anonymous, even to us :-)), has donated a copy of MathJournal 2.0 to be used in a contest as a giveaway!  Stay tuned over the next couple of days for how you can win a copy of this new release!

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