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Yahoo Releases Beautiful New Weather and Mail iPhone & iPad Apps



Today Yahoo released two new free apps in the iOS App Store, a beautiful new weather app and a new app for Yahoo mail.

Both new apps are free for the iPhone and iPad, and the new mail app is also available for Android in the Google Play Store. Both apps have compelling reasons to use them over the stock apps Apple includes with iOS.

Simply put, the new Yahoo weather app is the most beautiful weather app on iOS at the moment. The app uses photos sources from Flickr for beautiful backgrounds and transparent grey boxes for information. Launching the app will show a photo, the current temperature, and other current weather conditions.

Yahoo Weather

Swiping up gives the user an hourly and five-day forecast from Weather Underground. Scrolling rigger will show forecast details, a weather map, wind spend, barometric pressure and sunrise/sunset. Users can move these boxes around as they wish to better suit their needs.

Like other weather apps, Yahoo weather lets users swipe to the right to see the forecasts for other cities. The default shows San Francisco and New York, but users can customize that to their will.

The smartphone version of the Yahoo Mail app isn’t new, but the latest update to the app introduces a new tablet UI. Like other tablet email apps the Yahoo Mail app uses multiple panels to separate lists of email from the content of an email. The app makes it easer to group different emails from the same sender and delete, star or move all of them with a single swipe.

Yahoo Mail also lets users easily swipe through messages from their friends quickly complete with a page turn animation. It’s an interesting way to read email that feels less like work than email usually does. It’s almost enough to make you regret switching from Yahoo to Gmail all those years ago. Almost.



  1. JM_66

    04/18/2013 at 8:45 am

    Since it is available for both Android and iOS, why the headline focusing on just iOS? “Yahoo Releases Beautiful New Weather and Mail iPhone & iPad App”

    • John

      04/18/2013 at 9:17 am

      If you have both phones like I do you’d clearly see why it’s being promoted on the iPhone over android. It’s simply… Better.

      • Nota sheep

        04/19/2013 at 7:47 am

        Better is an understatement. It makes the android version look like its running windows 3.1.1.

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