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YanTouch Diamond+ Brightens Any iPhone User’s Morning



Light and speaker technology company YanTouch is hoping that its Diamond+ Bluetooth speaker and color changing alarm clock will revolutionize the way iPhone and Android users wake up.

The YanTouch showcased the recently revealed YanTouch IceDiamond+ and YanTouch BlackDiamond+ devices at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Both devices are identical internally, but have different colored shells. The IceDiamond+ is white. The BlackDiamond+ is black.

YanTouch Diamond+

YanTouch is betting on there being millions of smartphone owners who are tired of being startled when it’s time to wake up. The device takes a more “natural light” approach to wake up times. Instead of using loud music or a bright tone, both versions of the YanTouch Diamond+ brighten when it’s time to get up, letting users wake on their own. Called Natural Wake, canaries actually chirp in the mode too.

The top half of the YanTouch Diamond+ is an angled dome that projects different colored light into a room. Users can adjust the light settings and more. For those that still want to stick with a ringtone, there’s some classic Bluetooth speaker functionality. Some settings turn the YanTouch Diamond+ into a reflection of your mood or the light outside. A built-in battery lets users take the YanTouch anywhere and listen to music for roughly ten hours. Users can have the device change colors as it plays their music, but that does eat into battery life. An infrared remote and access to companion apps for iPhone and Android are available with the purchase.

Shoppers can pick up the YanTouch IceDiamond+ and the BlackDiamond+ from Amazon and Best Buy right now, according to YanTouch’s website.

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