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YO Microsoft! I Want The Image Resizer Back On My Right Click Menu!



Respicpt3nyI’ve said this before, and I’m saying it again. I’ll probably keep screaming for this until it happens or I go hoarse. One of the things I miss most since moving to Vista is the absence of the XP Powertoy, ImageResizer, that adds a command to the right click menu that lets you resize an image with ease. Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure I can do this with an array of image and graphics programs, but this Powertoy was a real time saver for me. (On my desktop that is still running XP it is a still a joy to use.)

Of course we haven’t really seen Power Toy one for Vista, but that’s another story.Why this functionality wasn’t included in the new photo and image tools Microsoft has released in Vista and Windows Live is beyond me. It is a glaring omission.

Yesterday I spent some time looking at new image and graphics applications to do some batch resizing with and lo and behold, LifeHacker published a nice roundup of Free Design Programs. Here’s a link to that.

So, what other tools might you be using to do some image resizing with?

UPDATE: Here’s a link to VSO Image Resizer that Kenneth mentions in the comments. Huzzah!



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