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You Don’t Have to Wait Until Tomorrow to Touch a TouchPad



So, I had to run some errands in town today and stopped by Best Buy after grabbing some lunch. Sure enough they had the HP TouchPad on display so that you could check it out. You can’t buy one today, but they’ll take your money and you can claim it tomorrow. But if you aren’t deterred by the wealth of mixed to negative reviews, and want to check things out for yourself, you might want to check your local Best Buy.

I did not have a lot of time to send with the device on display, but I can confirm at least a few things that we’re seeing consistently across the reviews. It is definitely a finger print magnet. I know that all touch screens attract smudges and grease. But the gloss black case looks like it is smudged within in an inch of its life. What a poor design choice.

Second, the device does feel a bit sluggish in moving from App to App, but I did not sense that there was a sluggish response from the touch screen upon initiating an action. I’ve seen some reviews mention that the User Experience (UX) is not the equivalent of the iPad when it comes to this, but in some very short testing I did not feel this. If fact the touch UX felt smoother and more tightly integrated on the TouchPad than it did on its in store display neighbor, The Samung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The device did not feel good in my hands. For its size it feels to heavy and bulky. That’s obviously subjective so you might feel differently.

Anyway, those are some quick observations after spending some time with the device at Best Buy.

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