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You gotta love a contest!



You gotta love a contest! Tracy hooten and crew have a Tablet PC “most” user tip contest going on over at The Student Tablet PC site. Tracy has been doing a “Tip of the Day” for a while, and decided to use this contest to gather some really great tips. Already a ton of entries over there, so go check it out and offer your collection of wisdom!

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Here is what Tracy says about the prizes::


The winner gets a Cross pen and a license to one of the following:

  • InkGestures for Word
  • PDFAnnotator
  • TEO 2.0
  • GoBinder 2006
  • OrangeGuava

Second place also gets their choice of the above, without the pen. I may be able to find some other goodies to include for prizes.

EDIT: I’m pretty sure I have a copy of MindManager to give away, so first place would get first dibs at that.

I’ve got a couple of good ones! Not gonna share them here though, not when there are prizes at stake!!

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