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sync Having just moved back in to the multi-device world with an X61 Tablet PC and an OQO Model 02 Ultra-Mobilie PC, I’ve found it necessary to have my files available on both devices and for them to be kept in sync seamlessly.

There are a ton of applications available for syncing, one being the Sync Center within Vista. For me, though, I’ve found FolderShare to be the most seamless sync service available. FolderShare is a Windows Live web service that keeps multiple devices in sync across the Internet using a small satellite application installed on each device that stays in communication with the FolderShare web service. As files get modified on either device, FolderShare syncs them.

I’ve been using FolderShare on and off for a year and a half now, and consider it an essential mobility application. Best of all, FolderShare is currently free. FolderShare is available for both Windows and Mac OS X clients, which is great news for me because I frequently live in a Mac world, too.

Using the web application, you set up all devices that need to be kept in sync and then configure each of the folders that you wish to keep in sync. You can have up to 10 FolderShare libraries, with each library containing up to 10,000 files. Because I have more than 10 top level folders that need to be kept in sync, I’ve consolidated my folder structure so that  just about everything under the My Documents folders stays in sync.

In addition to being able to keep devices in sync across the Internet, the FolderShare web application allows you to access your files from devices that are currently on line. Imagine you are at a client site and you forgot your mobile computer. Your client wants to sign that big contract you’ve been talking about, but you don’t have it with you. All is not lost. By simply logging on to, you can connect to your computer back at the office and download that contract. Problem solved. Contract signed. Money in the bank. Spouse is happy.

If you own more than one device and need to keep your files in sync while mobile, I highly encourage you to check out Foldershare.

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