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Your T-Mobile MobileLife may have dirty surprises



What appeared to be a unique occurrence posted yesterday on The Consumerist has turned out to be less unique than thought. Several T-Mobile users are reporting that nude and even pornographic photos are showing up without their knowledge in their MobileLife photo albums, including two users who never even set up their MobileLife services. And they’ve got the screenshots to prove it.
The story broke yesterday when one user wrote in about topless photos showing up in his album without his knowledge or consent and no identifiable means of how they got there. Seemed like a fluke until others wrote in and shared their stories and hardcore screenshots. These are too graphic to reproduce here without obscuring them completely. Suffice to say, these aren’t photos you want your boss or spouse to see, as a couple people learned the hard way (well, depends on your boss or spouse, I suppose).

The worrisome part is this was happening without their knowledge and, in two cases, without ever setting up the service. If you’re a T-Mobile user and don’t bother with value added services (I didn’t when I was using their wireless Internet), you might want to check that account and make sure there’s no “value” being added for you.

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