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YouTube For iPhone & iPad Adds Livestreaming



Just in time for the second weekend of Coachella Google released a new update to YouTube for iOS which adds live streaming and a number of other useful features.

With the latest version of YouTube for iPhone and iPad users can finally watch YouTube Live streams from the app, which is great for big events like debates, Google presentations and concerts like Coachella. With the new update users should get the chance to watch high quality live streams of the second weekend of the music festival on their iOS device.

The update also adds a new “my subscriptions” view which lets users view a stream of videos from the channels they subscribe to. The feature is great for those who like to keep track of the latest videos from content creators they follow in one location.

YouTube for iPhone

Previously iPhone and iPad users only had the option to view the list of new videos from individual channels. Despite the new option the YouTube app still opens to the “What To Watch” option which offer suggestions based on viewing habits and what’s popular on YouTube. To some, the feed isn’t all that useful.

The YouTube update also lets users queue up videos to watch on the TV with through the “Send To TV” feature. The feature lets users view YouTube videos on select devices, and now they can queue up several videos to play in quick succession.

The added feature means less downtime while searching for the next video, which is helpful for those who like to watch YouTube videos on the TV with friends. Now those users just need to pass the iOS around to queue up videos instead of searching for new videos after the last one finishes.

Finally, the new update adds the new “One Channel” branding that YouTube recently introduced to profiles on the website. The profiles feature a cleaner design that give users more control over their channel.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jim

    04/16/2013 at 8:38 am

    The One channels also give businesses a way to brand their channels using pre approved sollutions by YouTUbe like Clipster for YouTube ( These also work on mobile I red.

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