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YouTube Offline Video Playback Detailed with 48 Hour Window



Users have been able to pre-load and cache YouTube videos on their Android smartphones and tablets using WiFi for quite some time, which delivered smooth video playback, but starting next month you’ll be able to do the same but enjoy the videos even while offline.

Back in September Google announced offline YouTube playback support which would allow users to download and temporarily store videos on their Android devices to view later, even while the device is offline and had no data or internet connection. Google explained this as being able to “add videos to a device to watch for a short period when an internet connection is unavailable.” The announcement didn’t state how long, but today we’ve learned all the additional details regarding offline playback.


According to a few details found by Gizmodo courtesy of the YouTube Support Page, we now know just how long users will be able to temporarily save videos to view later. An update will be arriving for the YouTube Android app which will feature a new area to cache videos of choice, which a user then can view within 48 hours even while the device has no internet connection.

The new details here being that once disconnected from the internet, you’ll have two days to enjoy the content. Otherwise the user will have to reconnect to the web, and Google’s YouTube servers, which will reset the 48 hour clock for offline viewing. This will allow viewing to pre-cache videos to watch while on a long flight, or even while out camping with family and friends in the sticks with no data services.

Offline videos and playlists will be found under the “on device” section in the YouTube settings menu, and you can then add more content to that as you see fit. But remember, after 48 hours you lose the opportunity to catch that latest montage of Green Bay Packers touchdowns or an excellent hands-on review from the GottaBeMobile Channel. So watch them while you can!

We should be learning more soon as Google prepares to roll this feature out for everyone starting next month.

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1 Comment

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