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Zagg iPhone 6 Speaker Case Announced



Zagg has announced a new iPhone 6 case at CES 2015 that includes a built-in Bluetooth speaker that provides better and louder audio than the iPhone 6’s built-in speaker.

The Zagg Speaker Case, as it’s called, includes a small Bluetooth speaker, as well as a 1,800mAh battery that powers the Bluetooth speaker and can even act as a battery pack to charge up other mobile devices or use it to charge up your own iPhone if it’s getting low on juice. 1,800mAh isn’t anything to write home about, but it’s actually respectable for an iPhone case, as Mophie’s own offerings only stuff in 1,700mAh, so you’re getting an extra 100mAh with the Zagg case.

The case even includes a built-in microphone in order to maximize conference calls for better call quality all around, and hopefully both parties on either end will experience better quality. The case also has a mute button on the back, as well as a play/pause button, as well as a power button to turn on and off the Bluetooth speaker.


Furthermore, the speaker part of the case can be removed and placed in an ideal location, allowing you to get the most out of the speaker and not having to keep your iPhone and the speaker together all the time, because most of the time, you still want to play with your phone and listen to music at the same time without blocking the speaker with your hand.

The overall case is essentially a bumper case for the iPhone 6, and the speaker attaches to the bumper case on the back, so even if you detach the speaker and place it elsewhere in the room, you’re still left with a protective bumper case that can save your iPhone 6 from accidental drops if you tend to have butter fingers.

The case comes in two different colors: black and silver, and will sell for $99, which is a bit expensive for an iPhone case, but the fact that it comes with an external Bluetooth speaker makes it a better deal, seeing as how you could spend way more money for a Bluetooth speaker.

Granted, the speaker on this Zagg case doesn’t provide audio quality as good as some of the dedicated Bluetooth speakers that we’ve played around with, but it at least provides better quality than the built-in speaker on the iPhone 6, which is abysmal to say the least.

With that said, this case certainly isn’t for everyone, as many audiophiles will most likely want to stick with dedicated speakers for their audio, but if you’re out on the go and want better audio quality than what your iPhone 6’s speaker provides, the Zagg Speaker Case is a very portable option that can work in a pinch.

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