ZAGGKeys Mini 9 Review: iPad Mini Keyboard Case
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ZAGGKeys Mini 9 Review: iPad Mini Keyboard Case



The ZAGGKeys Mini 9 is a portable iPad mini keyboard that delivers a full size keyboard for faster, more accurate typing, thought it comes in the form of a larger case.

The ZAGGKeys Mini 7 is one of our favorite iPad mini keyboards, but there are trade offs like smaller keys and the need to press a function key to type some punctuation.

The ZAGGKeys Mini 9 is a larger iPad mini keyboard that delivers a keyboard the same size as the ZAGGKeys Pro Plus. This allows us to type faster with fewer errors and turns the iPad mini into a powerful tool for productivity.

ZAGGKeys mini 9 review - iPad mini keyboad case - 04

The ZAGGKeys Mini 9 is a nice iPad mini keyboard case.

The ZAGGKeys Mini 9 triples the thickness of the iPad mini to accommodate the case and the built-in Bluetooth keyboard. The case is larger than the iPad mini, which allows ZAGG to offer larger keys. There are still openings for the camera as well as headphones and charging ports.


Users who cannot stand to make the iPad mini larger should opt for the form-fitting ZAGGKeys Mini 7 or the ZAGGKeys Flex. The larger keyboard is worth the increased size for anyone who needs to type with punctuation and isn’t willing to slow down and use a function key.

The iPad mini keyboard case includes a kickstand that folds out the back, almost like the Surface RT tablet. This provides a solid base for the iPad mini and keyboard, but it offers only one angle.

ZAGGKeys mini 9 review - iPad mini keyboad case - 05

A small kickstand folds out to prop the iPad mini keyboard case up.

The iPad mini keyboard case from ZAGG fits incredibly tight, much tighter than the ZAGGKeys Mini 7. We would prefer a case with more flex so it would be easier to take the iPad mini in and out of the case when at home, especially because using the iPad mini in the case is not ideal when not typing.

The keys on the ZAGGKeys Mini 9 are large enough to comfortably touch type, though they are smaller than the Apple keyboard keys. The keys are very flat, and don’t feel as nice as some other ZAGGKeys products, but there is enough travel to make typing longer documents comfortable.

ZAGGKeys mini 9 review - iPad mini keyboad case - 07

The ZAGGKeys Mini 9 offers a full ZAGG keyboard.

Typing at full speed, or near full speed is possible with the ZAGGKeys Mini 9, and the keyboard includes iOS function keys to control music playback, iOS functions and shortcuts for copy and paste. Arrow keys make text selection and navigation easier than with an on-screen keyboard.

ZAGG claims the ZAGGKeys Mini 9 will last months on a single charge, which is realistic. During our two months with the case we’ve only had to charge the keyboard once with regular use. There is a Micro USB charging port for easy charging.

ZAGGKeys mini 9 review - iPad mini keyboad case - 12

The ZAGGKeys Mini 9 iPad min keyboard case is about as thick as a 9-volt battery.

The ZAGGKeys Mini 9 does make the iPad mini larger, but it is a good tradeoff for users who want an iPad mini keyboard case. The larger keys are much nicer for mobile productivity than the small ones on the ZAGGKeys mini 7.

More iPad mini keyboards are arriving on the market with slim iPad mini bluetooth keyboards from Belkin and Logitech, but the ZAGGKeys Mini 9 offers a larger keyboard, which we think is worth the added size.



  1. victoria

    03/02/2013 at 7:49 am

    i just got zagg’s ipad mini 7/ can u tell me how to operate the keyboard,it types but how do i get the arrows to work?bottom right,+ what does cmd with little blue circle mean, + alt mean?….yes im new with a keyboard+computer(just learning) im only 55yrs old& never had a use for it, but now i find it a litte interesting, so do u have kindergarden instructons / step by step to go with the apple ipad mini? thankyou

  2. Kelsey

    03/11/2013 at 11:30 am

    cannot get my ipad mini to fit the zaggkeys 9. i followed instructions and even with an enormous amount of pressure i still can’t get it to “snap” in.

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