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ZDNet reviews the Toshiba R25



I’ve seen several requests for information on Toshiba’s R25 Tablet PC and ZDNet has just published a review of it. They give high praises for the low price, 14” wide screen and high resolution, but give it poor marks for weight and performance. They give 5 out of 10 stars, which is my opinion, is way off.

I was at CompUSA this weekend looking at the R25 and was pretty impressed with the price at $1299 and the number of features. At 1.6ghz, it is not the fastest tablet on the market, but, I would seriously consider this for any student going in to college. You can get the R25 an Circuit City and CompUSA. I have not looked at Best Buy, yet.

From ZDNet:

  • The good: Wide screen; sharp display resolution; tablet functionality.
  • The bad: Too heavy for regular mobile use; screen wobbles easily; small touch pad; mediocre performance.
  • The bottom line: The bulky Satellite R25 offers a beautiful display and plenty of features at a low price, but if you don’t need the tablet functionality, there are better wide-screen notebooks on the market.
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