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Zite for iPhone Puts the Pandora of News in Your Pocket



My favorite news app for the iPad, just got a lot smaller and a lot more addicting thanks to the release of Zite for iPhone.

While many of you might be addicted to Flipboard, Pulse or Google Currents, You are missing out on the best mobile news experience — Zite.

Zite delivers highly personalized news to your iPad and now to the iPhone, but it isn’t just a semi-personalized experience. Zite is a very personalized news experience that learns what you like as you read. Just like Pandora can tell what you like, Zite learns and improves your news over time.

Zite for iPhone Top StoriesEven if you don’t want to click the thumbs up r thumbs down icons, like you do in Pandora, the Zite app will learn what you tap on to read, to see what you like. You can say that you like or don’t like a source, topic and more.

If you have been using the iPad app to read personalized news, you will be able to pull over your personalization to Zite for the iPhone so that you have the same great news sources in your pocket.

When you find stories that are interesting, you can read them and share them on Facebook and Twitter. You can also save your favorite stories to read later by sharing to services like Evernote, Read It later, InstaPaper and others.

I love the Zite app because it always delivers the news I want, while all the other solutions I have tried took too long to learn or consistently delivered to much off-topic content.

If you like to keep up with a favorite news topic, be it technology, celebrities, sports teams or a topic like photography, Zite is an easy way to get your news on your iPhone and iPad.

Zite was acquired by CNN this year, and is putting the new resources to good work, hoping to be on all devices in 2012.

Zite will be available in the iTunes App Store later today.

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