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Zoho Day 1: Importing Documents



I have a lot of Word documents that I’d like to import to Zoho. I’ve already found issues with that process:

  • The only way to bulk import documents directly through Zoho is by emailng them in. Nitin Badjatia just let me know of as way of mass importing documents to Zoho that I’ll check out later.
  • I emailed 3 documents in last night and Zoho left out some of the embedded graphics in the document, as well as changed some of the formatting. This is not good for those of who have a lot of ink-marked up documents, as well as share documents with Tablet PC notetakers.
  • Here is an example of the formatting changes. Notice what Zoho did to the text it recognized as web addresses, as well as the typeset changes.
    • Before
    • Picture 2
    • After
    • Picture 3
  • Zoho wouldn’t import Office 2007.docx or .xlsx files. How long has Office 2007 been out, a year???
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