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ZTE Spro 2 Packs All the Gadgets You Need: Hands On



There are Android smartphones that can connect to projectors and projectors that have wireless connections for smartphones, desktops and more. Only ZTE, makers of low-cost smartphones running Google’s Android operating system and Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating, have managed to combine the two into a single package. It’s called The ZTE Spro 2, and it’s a small projector with a touchscreen running Android 4.4.2.

ZTE announced the ZTE Spro 2 projector in a post at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show this afternoon. A 5-inch touchscreen display sits on the top face of the ZTE Spro 2 projector, letting users switch between apps, and download more from the Google Play Store. Unlike many of the devices running Android these days, ZTE isn’t forcing developers to refresh their apps specifically for the ZTE Spro 2. Any download from the Google Play Store that’s compatible with Android 4.2.2 will work, making it a lot easier to find the latest entertainment apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus and HBO Go.

ZTE Spro 2

The projector itself is capable of creating visuals that measure up to 120-inches diagonally. Brightness is about 200 lumens. Clearly the Spro 2 smart projector is meant as a notebook or tablet replacement for business and casual users. One of the biggest obstacles to getting a presentation or entertainment experience going in a place you haven’t been is finding a decent internet connection. ZTE Spro 2 users don’t have to worry about finding an internet connection. There’s built-in 4G LTE support. There’s also a microSD card slot for adding content directly to the Spro 2.

GottaBeMobile was able to try the ZTE Spro 2 Projector yesterday. Build quality wasn’t impressive. Neither was the 3 hours of battery life the company’s representative quoted. That being said, browsing the Google Play Store on it was speedy and convenient. Video and the Android 4.2.2 home screen was clearly visible despite the room being reasonably bright.  All told, ZTE’s assertion that the Spro 2 is perfect for parties and movie nights seems plausible. Build quality is a bit seemed solid enough.There was a bit of lag when switching between apps, but at no point did it become unusable. A look in the settings revealed around 10GB of usable storage.

The real problem for the Spro 2 is pricing. Right now ZTE has confirmed that the ZTE Spro 2 smart projector will be available in the United States through some wireless carriers. Presumably, ZTE is waiting for carrier partners before announcing pricing because Spro 2 buyers will need mobile data access if they plan to use that built-in 4G LTE technology. The ZTE Spro 2 will launch sometime this year.


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