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ZTYLUS Apple Pencil Case Review



The ZTYLUS Apple Pencil Case solves the most glaring weakness of Apple’s stylus. Most Apple Pencil users love the stylus, but don’t love the lack of a solution to hold the stylus with the Apple iPad Pro. The Surface Pen magnetically connects to the Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Book. If your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 doesn’t burn up, the stylus fits in an internal silo. The Apple Pencil doesn’t come with any solution for holding it safely with the iPad Pro. That’s where the ZTYLUS Apple Pencil Case comes in.


The ZTYLUS Apple Pencil Case ($29) holds the Apple Pencil and adds a nice clip so that users can hold the Apple Pencil in a shirt pocket, attached to a bag or cover or slid onto the Smart Keyboard cover.

ZTYLUS Apple Pencil Case Installation

The above video shows how to install the ZTYLUS Apple Pencil Case on the Apple Pencil. Installation starts with taking the case apart. Make sure to align the two dots on the inside of the case as shown in the video above or the picture below.


Now, it’s time to insert the Pencil into the case. Slide it tip first into the lower part of the case. Make sure the metal band is loose so the Pencil will fit into the case. Screw the metal band until it grabs hold of the Pencil tightly. Then slide the top half of the case onto the Pencil and screw it into place. The Apple Pencil cap should not stick out until the user twists the top and bottom half. This pulls the Apple Pencil tip up into the case to protect it. It also makes the cap stick out.

4 Problems Solved by ZTYLUS Apple Pencil Case


The ZTYLUS Apple Pencil Case solves a few problems with the Apple Pencil design. First, it doubles the thickness of the Pencil to make it more comfortable to use for people with large hands like me. My Pencil inking feels more accurate while using the Apple Pencil inside the thick case.


Second, the clip on the top half of the case helps hold the Apple Pencil securely in place. Put it in a shirt pocket, hold it in place inside a computer bag or slide the clip over the thin part of the Apple Smart Keyboard.


The Apple Pencil costs an expensive $99. The ZTYLUS Apple Pencil Case protects the Pencil itself. Users won’t likely break it while in the case. That’s a third positive with this case.


Finally, the clip also holds the Apple Pencil cap that protects the Lightning charger. This way you’re less likely to lose the cap while charging the Pencil.


At only $29, the ZTYLUS Apple Pencil Case makes a lot of sense. It’s cheap insurance to protect an expensive accessory for the iPad Pro. It adds important functionality that you can’t get with another option. Other accessories solve one of the above problems, but no single option solves all four.

Get the ZTYLUS Apple Pencil Case as soon as you can. It’s a great solution to obvious problems and an affordable price.


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